Julian Jankovic

based in Vienna / AUT

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Julian Jankovic was born in Vienna in 1992. After graduating as a plastics engineer at the TGM in Vienna, he began studying sport sciences at the University of Vienna. During the course of his studies, he worked as a personal trainer. Shortly before obtaining his final degree, he decided to restructure his life. He sold his car to afford a digital camera and a trip to Asia. He started to develop a deep interest in philosophy and art, resulting in a new perspective on the world which he now expresses through his art work. His artistic creations comprise projects in photography as well as painting. His photographs are abstract and the motifs within them often seem as if they had been blurred by a paintbrush.

The techniques of his experimental photography are versatile. They encompass, but are not limited to, the usage of manipulated lenses or purposeful movement during the process of taking the photograph.